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Honolulu’s Best City Activity

Guided tour of Honolulu and Chinatown sites. Great activity and thing to do in Honolulu

Before it was known as one of the top tourist destinations throughout the world, Honolulu had already experienceda rich and dynamic history. From the native Hawaiian lifestyle to oppressive colonialism to towering sky scrapers, Honolulu has endured it all.

Ohana Walking Tours embraces and brings to life this history and culture. As one of our guests in our Ohana, we will treat you to a two hour, guided walking tour of Honolulu’s premier landmarks and attractions you can’t get anywhere else on the island!

Locals and tourists alike will enjoy the sites with our expert tour guides, whose credentials include a graduate level of knowledge about Hawaii’s past and current issues. So bring your walking shoes, bottle of water and an open mind. Prepare to be engrossed in the sites and knowledge.  A Honolulu walking tour is just what the doctor ordered.

What you will see on tour…

Tour starts here at 417 S. King St

Hawaii Church

Kawaiahao Church

…we then walk down King St to discuss Hawaii’s first church

Mission House

Mission House

…next to the church is the Mission House

Hawaii's Mayor's Office

Hawaii's Mayor's Office

…every tour should include a walk by of the Mayor’s Office

Hawaiian Palace

Iolani Palance

…we then stroll back down King St. to the palace

Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian Bank

…then we head into downtown to discuss Hawaii’s 1st bank

Hawaii Mail

1st Post Office

…then we head down Merchant and discuss many topics including this very unassuming building

Hawaii's Original Police Station

Hawaii's Original Police Station

…This site went on to inspire a TV series and Indian Jones weapon of choice

That is a quick sample of what is included on the tour

we would like to thank jacjam for the great photos

Hawaii Public Records